Best Helmet Visor For Night

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The first thing you look for in a helmet is the protection. But the next thing should be the safety visor to give you a clear view at night. The helmet visors are important as they give a clear view of the road as well as the traffic around you. The road safety is as important as wearing a helmet. This article will cover the best helmet visor for night riding.

Best Helmet Visor For Night 2023

Best Helmet Visor For Night

1. Scorpion Covert Sunvisor (Clear)

Scorpion Covert Sunvisor, best helmet visor for night riding, is the perfect solution to see clearly at night. It reduces glare from oncoming headlights, lowers eye fatigue and eliminates distractions. Made of high quality polycarbonate material, it’s UV resistant. You no longer have to worry about having limited visibility while riding your motorcycle at night. Scorpion Covert Sunvisor provides you with a clear vision so that you can ride safely.

Scorpion Covert Sunvisor is made of high quality material which ensures durability and long-lasting use of this product. It has special padding on all sides which prevents irritation to the skin.

It’s specially designed to fit on any helmet and can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit. It also features a low-profile design so it doesn’t get in the way of your vision or get damaged when you are wearing goggles.

2. 1Storm Motorcycle Full Face Helmet Visor HJDJ11

1Storm Visor is the best helmet visor for night, a patented design that attaches to any type of helmet and will never fall off. It helps you drive safer at night by improving visibility and reducing glare from other vehicles’ headlights. 1Storm Visor is easy to attach and will fit virtually any helmet size.

1Storm Visor HJDJ11 is made of high-quality ABS materials, which are durable, impact resistant and beautiful in appearance. With this visor, you’ll be confident in your night ride even when the street lights are scarce or non-existent.

3. HJC HJ-09 Shield Visor Anti-Scratch (Clear Lens)

The HJC HJ-09 visor is a premium helmet visor for night usage with the best visibility available. It blocks out annoying headlights from other vehicles and keeps the rider’s vision clear in most weather conditions. It doesn’t obstruct your vision and does not damage your eyes. It is perfect for long night rides, etc.

The HJC HJ-09 Visor features a clear shield that is made from a high-grade thermoplastic material. With the high impact resistance of the thermoplastic, this visor will not distort or crack.

HJC introduces the HJ-09 helmet visor to provide a better experience for motorcyclists by making riding at night safer, more convenient and comfortable.

4. ILM Clear Visor for Full Face Helmet

The ILM helmet visor is designed to be used for night driving. It reduces glare from on coming cars, thus improving comfort and safety while driving at night.

It lets you see everything around you with crystal clarity, even in low light! Clear Visor is the only clear visor that keeps your eyes cool and comfortable.

ILM helmet Visor is a protective visor for motorcyclists. It is a transparent, shatterproof and anti-fog visor that can be attached to any helmet. it has outstanding wear comfort and is easy to wear. The surface of the visor uses an anti-stick coating on the two sides, so that it will not stick to your skin.

5. GDM DK-120 Motorcycle Helmet Visor (Clear)

The GDM DK-120 helmet visor is a high quality product that is exclusively made to make you ride safe in the dark. It can be attached to any helmet and comes with a stylish design.

The visors are made of high-quality optical grade polycarbonate with UV400 protection coating, which blocks 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The GDM DK-120 Helmet Visor is a dual functional visor that can be used as an inner sunshade or flip down to turn into a night driving visor. It provides maximum UV protection and comes with a free lens cleaning cloth.

It’s easy to install and remove, which allows users to quickly switch between their prescription glasses and the helmet visor. The visor has adjustable vents that allow airflow into the eye area to keep it dry and fog-free during use.

It comes with a special coating that ensures the visor reflects light from headlamps of cars that are approaching from behind, thereby making you visible to the driver. It also gives you clear vision without any reflection whatsoever! This makes it safer for you as well as others on the road.


It’s important to have a helmet visor that can be used at night. It also helps to protect the rider from getting blinded by the lights of oncoming cars or motorcycles.

We hope you enjoyed our article about the best helmet visor for night. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your bike rides in the dark when using a bike helmet with a visor.


Can you wear a tinted visor at night?

A tinted visor at night is considered illegal. It’s the same as driving with shades and is likely to get you a ticket and a fine. The reason behind this rule is that these visors reduce the peripheral vision and it is dangerous for both the drivers and other people on the road.

Are yellow visors good at night?

Visors with yellow lenses are not good for night driving. The yellow color distorts the color of light coming from street lights and other sources, which can result in disorientation.

Can I wear mirrored helmet visor at night?

Yes and no. You can wear a mirrored visor but it will reflect the lights and your visor will become a super light reflector. This will be really uncomfortable and dangerous. There will be a lot of light coming in and if you are riding fast you may not even be able to see the road or vehicles in front of you. You will not be able to see the vehicles behind you and your view of the road will become restricted.

Can you use iridium visor at night?

Iridium has a poor reflective power, so it gives minimum light when used at night. But it is proven that iridium visors work even at night. But iridium visor is not like normal visors, it works in a different way. It doesn’t reflect the light of headlight, rather it reflects the light of stars and moon. So it works in the night.


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