Best Helmet For Triumph Bonneville

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Triumph Bonneville has been the preferred choice for the motorcycle lovers for a long time and if you are among them and you love to travel on your bike and want to find the best helmet that is suitable for you and your bike.

Choosing a helmet for your motorcycle trip is no easy feat. There are so many different styles, colors, and sizes that it can be extremely confusing. That is why you are lucky that you are reading this article. Here are the best helmet for triumph bonneville.

Best Helmet For Triumph Bonneville 2023

Best Helmet For Triumph Bonneville

1. TORC T1 Unisex-Adult Retro Full-face-Helmet

TORC T1 is a retro styled full-face helmet for the Triumph Bonneville motorcycle. The T1 comes in two shell sizes for a perfect fit on all head shapes, with five different lining options to choose from. It features an oversized air vent on top of the helmet to let the cool air flow into your helmet while keeping your head cool and comfortable. A water drain at the bottom helps keep your visor clean after riding in the rain.

The visor and face shield offer great visibility and it has a chin strap that is adjustable. Each Torc T1 Retro helmet is handmade. And last but not least, this helmet is fitted with DOT approval so you can ride with no restrictions or worries about safety!

2. Daytona Retro Full Face Helmet

Daytona Retro Full Face Helmet is the best helmet for your Triumph Bonneville. With its retro design, it provides the perfect balance between style and functionality. The new model has a removable chin curtain, wider eye port and an improved rubber seal that provides a quieter ride.

Daytona Helmet is DOT and ECE certified. This helmet is designed with great care to provide you with extreme comfort. This helmet is made of high-quality materials to provide you with the most durable helmet. This helmet is very suitable for long rides.

This is a one-size-fits-all helmet with an adjustable chin strap and ventilation system for superior airflow. With a full, smooth, and matte black finish and a vintage racing stripe, this Daytona Retro Full Face Helmet is the perfect fit.

3. Bell Bullitt Helmet

The Bell Bullitt Helmet is one of the best helmets in the market, and it is especially made for Triumph Bonneville. It has a sleek design and a lightweight structure that makes it easy to use and carry around.

This helmet is made of aerospace-grade carbon fiber, which makes it extremely lightweight. It’s so lightweight, in fact, that you won’t even feel like you’re wearing a helmet at all. And that’s because it features an out-of-the-box design with an aerodynamic profile to help reduce drag.

The optically correct quick-release visor, the built in sunshield, and the removable chin guard all give you great vision, protection, and security. The state-of-the-art ventilation system gives you the ultimate in comfort. Chose the Bell Bullitt motorcycle helmet to help you experience your ride in its full splendor.

4. Bell Broozer Helmet

Bell Broozer Helmet has been designed for the Triumph Bonneville. It features a classic, clean design with a modern touch to match the iconic style of your motorcycle. The use of premium quality materials and the finest workmanship ensure that it offers both protection and comfort.

The helmet features a polycarbonate lens that provides the rider with an increased field of vision while blocking ultraviolet rays to keep the rider’s eyes safe. The helmet is available in multiple sizes and comes in either matte black or gloss white.

The helmet contains a liner made from a comfort foam that absorbs the impact from a collision. The straps of this helmet are made from a strong nylon fabric that is durable and won’t fray easily. The Bell Broozer Helmet is a perfect match for your Triumph Bonneville motorcycle.

5. Biltwell Lane Splitter Solid Full-face Helmet

The Lane Splitter is the perfect helmet to compliment your Triumph Bonneville. This sleek retro-inspired helmet combines classic styling with modern day technology for a one of a kind look. Not only does it look good, but this bad boy is built from the highest quality materials and has some of the safest certifications around.

The liner is removable and washable, with anti-microbial material keeps your helmet smelling fresh. The interior is fully padded with an additional removable neck roll for rider comfort. It has an automotive style D-ring closure system to make changing visors fast and easy. This helmet has a DOT safety rating.

The Biltwell Lane Splitter is ready to tear up the streets! This stylish, solid-colored helmet is Biltwell’s take on the open-face helmet and features a leather chin strap and brushed polycarbonate shell. Cruise with comfort and style in the Lane Splitter!

6. Nexx XG100 Racer Purist Helmet

The Nexx XG100 Racer Helmet is the perfect match for your Triumph Bonneville motorcycle. It’s a full face helmet that has a modern design, perfect for any rider who wants to look stylish while riding their motorcycle.

Nexx XG100 Racer is a lightweight, retro-inspired helmet that gives you the opportunity to make your statement with its unique design. The aerodynamic shell is made of carbon fiber, which makes it light but also strong. It has an EVA liner, which is soft and comfortable against your head.

The XG100 is equipped with the K-3D visor, which offers a comfortable, light visor that offers an incredible level of clarity. The visor can also be locked into place thanks to the lock button, which is located in the top section of the visor. The helmet features an internal sun visor, which can be moved up and down to make sure you are protected from the sun’s glare. The helmet is available in three different sizes, which means it can accommodate heads of three different sizes. The cheek pads are designed to offer a snug fit, which makes the helmet much easier to put on and take off.

7. Simpson MSB15M2 Street Bandit Helmet

The Simpson MSB15M2 Street Bandit Helmet is the perfect addition to your Triumph Bonneville. It’s retro-styled, it’s comfortable, and above all else, safe.

The helmet comes with an adjustable chin strap and has enough padding inside to protect the rider’s head during crashes or falls. It is DOT approved, which means it meets all safety norms in the United States.

The sweeping lines and the sculpted venting make this helmet look like it should be much more expensive than it actually is and the included bag and helmet shape make it a breeze to take along with you wherever you go. The Simpson Street Bandit Helmet offers a wide variety of sizing and comes in at a very affordable price that’s hard to match. This is the perfect lid for riders looking to stay true to classic cruiser styling while protecting their noggins.

8. ROYAL H01 Full face Motorcycle Helmet

The ROYAL H01 is the best helmet for Triumph Bonneville. It’s a full face helmet that is both stylish and comfortable. It has a clear visor with a black tint, giving you a perfect view of the road ahead.

It is a full face helmet made of ABS material which has D.O.T and ECE certifications. The helmet is very comfortable and light in weight so that you can wear it for hours together without any problem. The aerodynamic shell design reduces wind drag and the vents allow air to flow through the helmet smoothly thus providing an excellent airflow and cooling effect during long rides.

This helmet is designed to fit your head comfortably, your safety will never be compromised by the Royal H01. It is one of the best helmets on the market that we highly recommend.


The best helmet for Triumph Bonneville is the TORC T1. This helmet is on the more expensive range of helmets, but it is definitely worth the money. The helmet is DOT certified and made of high quality materials. It has an adjustable visor. It also includes a breath guard and a chin curtain. It’s a good helmet and we recommend it.


By Rodney Lewis

Rodney Lewis has spent years researching, testing, and reviewing various helmets. He has used dozens of brands and types of helmets in his efforts to find the right helmet for each consumer.