Best Motorcycle Helmet For Ducati Monster

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The Ducati Monster is one of the most popular and well known motorcycle in the world. The Monster holds a special place in the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere as a popular motorcycle.

If you are a Ducati Monster rider, then you have to have the best helmet for it. It does not matter whether you are a newbie or a pro.

The best helmet for Ducati Monster is a helmet that suits your needs and does not affect the ride. But, There are so many things that a rider has to consider: price, weight, style and of course, safety.

Fortunately for you, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve examined the specs and we’ve looked at the options. We’ve narrowed down the field and have come up with a list of the best motorcycle helmet for Ducati Monster riders.

Best Motorcycle Helmet For Ducati Monster 2024

best motorcycle helmet for ducati monster

1. LS2 Valiant II Modular Helmet

LS2 Valiant II is built to meet all the needs of a modern rider. It is a lightweight, aerodynamic, and sleek helmet that gives you maximum protection while riding your Ducati Monster.

It features a number of upgrades and new features that make it a notable improvement over it’s predecessor.

The shell is made from two types of plastic that are UV-resistant and have been tested to withstand extreme temperatures both for heat and cold. The shell is coated with a special coating that protects it from moisture, then it is subjected to rigorous quality assurance testing.

The face shield is scratch-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the shield being damaged from rocks and bugs, which can happen to other modular helmets.

The chin bar on the helmet flips 180 degrees, which is a feature you won’t find on most other modular helmets, allowing you to ride with the face shield open in the summer and close it for the winter.

2. HJC i90 Modular Helmet

HJC i90 is a motorcycle helmet created specifically for Ducati Monster. It ensures safety, comfort and convenience at the same time. The best part is that it looks fantastic!

The HJC i90 helmet comes with an Advanced Channeling Ventilation System, which has seven intake vents and two exhaust vents, is an effective way of managing airflow to the rider’s head.

The HJC i90 has Bluetooth technology. This means you can wirelessly listen to music and make calls over your smartphone by pairing it with your helmet. In other words, this helmet is the perfect device for hands-free communication while riding.

HJC i90 helmet is a solid choice for those who want a polycarbonate composite shell helmet with a couple of additional features. The polycarbonate composite shell is highly durable, lightweight and offers a great fit for most head shapes.

The HJC i90 Modular Helmet is a great helmet for the rider looking for a helmet that gives them the option of riding with a full-face helmet in the winter and an open-face helmet in the summer.

3. Shoei Neotec II Modular Helmet

The Shoei Neotec II is an all-round helmet that is specially designed and made to protect your head while riding the Ducati Monster. It comes with all the features you want to ensure your safety on the road.

Neotec II looks similar to the previous Neotec, it is actually a brand new helmet with new features and a slightly different design. The biggest difference between the previous Neotec and the new Neotec II is the shell. The new shell is made from a single piece of high-quality polycarbonate material and is much more aerodynamic. It also makes the helmet lighter than the previous model and the interior less noisy.

It also has a new liner that is more comfortable than its predecessor. This helmet is built to last and is DOT certified. It has a quick release system so you can take it off easily.

It is also a great choice if you have to ride your motorcycle in different weather conditions. The helmet is designed to provide the rider with consistent protection around the clock.

4. Scorpion EXO-AT950 Modular Helmet

Scorpion EXO-AT950 is the best motorcycle helmet for Ducati Monster. It has been designed with only one goal in mind: rider protection. No gimmicks, no hype, just real value.

The EXO-AT950 is one of the most advanced polycarbonate motorcycle helmets on the market, which is why it is so widely used in both professional racing and in the field by casual riders. The polycarbonate shell is able to protect against a wider range of impacts than the polystyrene shell of other helmets. The polycarbonate shell is also able to absorb more of the energy in an impact than polystyrene, which means that less energy will be transferred to the rider.

The EXO-AT950 is a premium modular motorcycle helmet with an integrated sun visor built into the outer shell. It also offers a removable washable liner, which is a plus. If you ride often in the city, you’ll appreciate the aerodynamic vents and the aero tuned ventilation system. It’s also a good choice for touring and commuting.

5. TORC T27B Modular Helmet

PROTORC T27B is the best motorcycle helmet you can buy for your Ducati monster. It combines safety and style, which makes it a must have item for any bikers out there.

The T27B features a multi-port venting system that allows you to easily control the temperature inside your helmet. The multi-port venting system ensures that you’re able to regulate how much air is coming in and going out of your helmet. This provides you with a comfortable ride and reduces your risk of overheating.

The helmet has a quick one-button release mechanism, which makes it very user friendly. Its design also allows for the chin bar to stay securely in place even while riding.

This motorcycle helmet accommodates a range of accessories, including bluetooth technology to stream music or provide GPS directions. You can also use its bluetooth communicator to make and receive calls while you are on the go.

It is the perfect helmet for any motorcyclist.


After reviewing all of the most popular helmets for Ducati Monsters, I have found that the Shoei Neotec II Modular Helmet is the best choice. This helmet is comfortable, durable, and looks great. It has many features that make it stand out from the rest of the helmets, including a drop-down sun visor, a face shield that is designed to reduce fog and shield the eye from wind. This helmet has a great price, so if you are looking for the most bang for your buck, this is the helmet for you.


By Rodney Lewis

Rodney Lewis has spent years researching, testing, and reviewing various helmets. He has used dozens of brands and types of helmets in his efforts to find the right helmet for each consumer.