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The motorcycle has evolved over the years and with it, the helmets too. The helmets are crafted to provide the best quality protection for the rider and the gadget-savvy helmets are designed to provide connectivity and several small techy features. The latest helmets come with a GPS and Bluetooth connectivity a rider can enjoy.

However, if you’re looking to buy a motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth and GPS, make sure you know what you’re getting first. Some models are handy, while others are just a waste of money. To make things easier, we’ve gathered a list of some of the best motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth and GPS systems.

Best Motorcycle Helmet With Bluetooth And GPS 2023

best motorcycle helmet with bluetooth and gps

1. TORC T27B1FBK TB27 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

TORC TB27 is the smartest helmet in the market and comes with all the essential features. It has a built-in bluetooth, GPS etc. that keeps you connected to your phone while riding.

This is a great looking modular helmet with a modern style that has a sharp look. The chin bar is designed to be removed, so you can use it as a full face motorcycle helmet and then easily convert it to an off-road helmet when you want to remove the chin bar and have more ventilation. The chin bar has a built in closure that is easy to use and it moves smoothly, but it does seem to stick a little.

One of the unfortunate things about the removable chin bar is that the visor is attached to the chin bar and not the helmet.

It’s lightweight polycarbonate shell is designed to be more rigid than most helmets, but still flexible enough to withstand all of the rigors and impacts that it may experience during use. The shell is also designed to help the helmet resist impact from low, but hard impacts and is coated with a matte finish that helps to prevent the shell from being reflective in bright light.

TORC TB27 has got everything you need to stay in touch while riding!

2. FreedConn BM22 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

FreedConn BM22 is the most innovative motorcycle helmet yet in the world. It allows you to stay connected through voice and hands-free calling and lets you listen to music without having to even touch your device. This helmet also has a built in GPS that allows you to get directions from your navigation app at any time.

The design of the shell has been carefully considered to provide the maximum amount of protection to the users. The polycarbonate shell is one of the sturdiest materials used in the construction of helmet, and is resistant to most impacts. The fine-tuned fit allows the shell to expand to fit your head’s shape while maintaining a close and comfortable fit.

This Motorcycle Helmet is built with high quality materials to meet or exceed strict European and American safety standards, ensuring that you are protected.

It is a classic full-face helmet that saves you from wind, dust, and other unwanted irritants. It fits snugly, so you feel ready to conquer any activity and look good while doing it.

3. ILM 953 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

ILM 953 is a one-of-a-kind helmet that comes with a Bluetooth for handsfree calling and also has GPS gear built in. With built-in bluetooth, you can connect your phone to the helmet and make or receive calls without having to take your hands off the handlebar.

ILM 953 is Designed with an innovative ventilation system, the built-in chin and crown vents enhance airflow and improve comfort. ILM 953 is designed to effectively reduce heat and moisture inside the helmet by circulating air inside the helmet liner.

ILM 953 is a flip-up helmet. The chin guard can be released to flip up the helmet visor. The design is intelligent, simple and elegant. The chin guard is the solid double layer material, with the function to absorb strong force and protect the wearer.

This Helmet is the perfect choice for seasoned riders on the move. The inner sunshield system comes with an easy to use drop-down tint that allows for transitions from sunny to shady.

4. GDM Venom Motorcycle Helmet

The GDM venom helmet is a complete solution to your head needs. It is the perfect choice for riders who want both style and comfort. This amazing helmet comes with Bluetooth and GPS which will make you feel like a boss as you’re riding down the road.

The Venom helmet is packed with great features to meet the needs of all motorcycle riders.

This motorcycle helmet is an aerodynamic helmet that gives you a completely new motorcycling experience. It reduces buffeting and wind noise, redirects airflow away from the visor, and keeps your head cool even on hot days.

GDM venom helmet is an advanced, high-tech helmet that uses the latest jet fighter pilot technology to prevent deadly head injuries. This innovative helmet is made of light but strong carbon fiber and has been designed for hard impact protection.

The helmet also incorporates a state-of-the-art face shield and jaw guard system to further protect the rider’s face from serious injury in case of a crash or fall.

5. FreedConn BM12 Motorcycle Helmet

FreedConn BM12 motorcycle helmet is the perfect choice for people who love to ride on two wheels. The helmet comes with Bluetooth and GPS connectivity, as well as many other features that can be appreciated by anyone who loves riding a bike. If you are looking for an easy way of communicating while you are out on the road, this is it!

FreedConn BM12 is a premium helmet that delivers the unmatched safety and comfort you need to be on the road. It is designed to fit great, and protect you, the rider, in any weather condition or environment.

The BM12 features a wide visor that provides excellent visibility. It has a clear lens and a quick release visor. The visor is easily removed by a quick twist of the lever. It also has a snap-in visor retention system.

The FreedConn BM12 is equipped with an adjustable dual density cheek pad, which is extremely easy to adjust and comfortable to use.

If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable helmet, and you want to look good, then the FreedConn BM12 is the right helmet for you.


What are the advantages of owning a motorcycle helmet with a Bluetooth and GPS?

There are several advantages of having a motorcycle helmet with these features. Here are some of the advantages:

1) Bluetooth and GPS technology allows your motorcycle helmet to be wirelessly connected to your smartphone, making it easier to use navigation apps like Google Maps if you ever get lost.

2) Bluetooth technology allows you to connect to your smartphone for hands free talking and text messaging.

3) The GPS additionally allows you to track your trips, which is particularly useful when planning a destination so that your trip is the most efficient and enjoyable possible.

How does the motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth and GPS work?

The motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth and GPS works in three steps:

1) After you have connected your motorcycle helmet to your mobile phone, you can make calls, along with being able to have a navigation app tell you exactly where you are at any given time.

How is the motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth and GPS different to other motorcycle helmets?

The main difference with this helmet is that these helmets have GPS, Bluetooth and storage. GPS tracks where the rider is, Bluetooth connects to their phone to communicate with family or friends and memory storage lets them save their emergency contacts, as well as upload route information to their GPS system. Other than that it works very similarly to other motorcycle helmets.


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